Karaoke Courtesy

There are a few rules of karaoke etiquette to keep in mind when going to karaoke with a group of people.

Don’t put in multiple songs in a row. Make sure everyone in the group has a chance to enter a song before you punch in your next song. You don’t want to be the only person singing for the next hour!

Don’t sing other people’s songs. Some songs are great for everyone to sing along, such as Piano Man or American Pie, but for other songs let the person sing their own song unless you are asked to join in.

Be a good audience. When you are not singing, follow along with the song and cheer on the person singing. Don’t talk loudly to another person or leave the room during someone’s song.

Most importantly, don’t hold back. Belt out the song and give it all you’ve got. Karaoke in a private room is the most fun when everyone gets into it and has fun with it. Even the shyest of people turn into rock stars once they get the microphone! Let’s go karaoke! Let’s go Kbox!!!