Q. What is Karaoke?
Karaoke (car-ah-o-key) loosely translated means “empty orchestra”. It is essentially a song that is played with the lead vocals removed so the karaoke singer may perform it instead of the original artist.

Q. How did this all get started?
Karaoke is believed to have originated in a small bar in Japan. The in-house band recorded their music onto tape, and if they were not there the singer would just sing along to the tape. The word Karaoke was written on the tape, Kara meaning missing and Oke meaning band or orchestra.


Q. What is the fun of Karaoke?
Karaoke is making anyone the singing star they have always wanted to become. In KBox, you can have the same music playing in the background from your favorite professional group, while you sing the lyrics. Don’t know the words? No problem. Karaoke sound tracks allow the lyrics to scroll across the screen of a standard TV. Now, anyone can be a star!


Q. How do I get to sing?
Choose your favorite songs either from the the tablet in the room or your own personal mobile phone. Search with the keyboard and then the song will play automatically on screen for your to sing.


Q. I’m afraid people will make fun of me because I don’t sing very well.
Unlike other Karaoke Bars or Pubs, KBox is a Karaoke-Studio style’s karaoke venue where you hire a room and sing privately with your friends or family. That’s why there is nothing you should worry about no matter how well or poor your voices are.


Q. Why can’t I find the song that I am looking for?
KBox Karaoke has a large music database over 200,000 songs, but unfortunately, not all songs are available for Karaoke. If you find your favourite songs are not available at KBox, do let us know and we will try our best to get them for you while your next visit.


Q. Do the Karaoke recordings have guided vocal singer?
Yes, some karaoke songs have guided vocal available too if you have forgotten the melody of the song.


Q. The pitch of the song is too high for me, can I lower the key manually?
Yes, you can freely adjust the key to suit your voice as long as you like.


Q. What is the difference between KBox karaoke and ordinary Karaoke Bars or Lounge?
Unlike Karaoke Bars or Lounges where you must “share” the Karaoke system with all other people, sometimes it may take longer queue for only one song, KBox is the studio style where you hire a private room and sing with your friends in the room without sharing with some else. All the happy time is reserved entirely for you and your friends only.


Q. Can we extend the time when our room is finished?
Yes, if no customers book your rooms after you.


Q. Is it B.Y.O. (Bring Your Own Alochol) at KBox?
Sorry! No, but we are licensed to sell alcohol.


Q. How much is the room charge?
Room charges vary depending on number of people and time. Please check with our staffs for more details or see our website for more details.


Q. Can I cancel the booking that I made?
Yes, please let us know either by Phone or Email 24 hours prior to the date of your booking date.


Q. What are your trading hours?
We are open on all Wednesday – Sunday, public holidays (and eve) in our KBOX Bar. And for KBOX Café, we are open 7 days a week.