Never get bored on a long flight again with Jetstar and KBOX Karaoke Flights to Japan!

Japan is finally open to Australia Travel. No quarantine , no covid test and no social distancing measures locally. Travelling to Japan for a vacation is finally here.

Better still you can now do karaoke on the return leg flight from Osaka to Melbourne. Never get bored on a long flight again with Jetstar and Kbox’s Karaoke Flights!

Have you ever been bored on a long flight, listening to your favorite jams, and thought, “Man, I wish I could just sing karaoke right now”? Well, now you can! For the first time ever, budget airline Jetstar and karaoke company Kbox are collaborating to allow you and your friends to be able to sing your favorite songs at the top of your lungs while flying 10,000 meters (almost 33,000 feet) in the air, all on their brand new “Serenading Karaoke Flights”! Only for international flights available from Osaka to Melbourne.

These flights will be equipped with microphones, maracas, tambourines, and song selection devices, just like your standard karaoke room, and apparently passengers will be able to make song requests to the cabin crew as they pass down the isles. Of course, like regular karaoke, songs will be played in the order requested, so putting in your songs as early as possible is highly recommended! You can pre build your song list online just like in kbox.

Naturally, like any ordinary flight there are some rules that the flight attendants wish you to follow on the Serenading Karaoke Flights. First, due to air currents the flight could always experience turbulence, so no matter how well you know all of the dance moves, they ask that you please remain in your seat with your seat belt securely fastened. And of course, like any flight, all devices, microphones, and instruments must be safely stowed away during take off and landing.

Just because they want to offer a fun service doesn’t mean that they want to lose the business of regular customers, so they also ask that, if your neighbor wants to sleep during their karaoke flight, you be courteous and refrain from clapping to the beat or playing the tambourine or the maracas next to them. For these party poopers, Jetstar will also prepare special earbuds that they will sell for 401AUD yen a pair .

Each in-flight song does cost a small fee of 4.01 Aud , so make sure you budget your cash accordingly. Ordinarily one-way flights are 401 AUD , but right now Jetstar is hosting a special starting sale, with prices starting at only 41 AUD!

Wait a minute. 4.01 Aud…401 Aud…41 Aud….is this an April Fools joke?

Happy April Fools Day!!!!

These flights don’t actually exist and quarantine is still required for travelling to Japan. 🙂