KBox Karaoke – Keep Melbourne Singing

Please Don’t Stop The Music

Like a lot of small businesses we’ve been hit hard by Covid-19, closing all three of our venues as soon as the severity of the pandemic became clear to protect our amazing staff and wonderful customers. We are thankful that we have survived all the lockdowns and covid restrictive measures. Looking forward to blue skies ahead… Nevertheless we are still dedicated to keeping our places safe and clean for every Melburnian to enjoy in our venues. Here is what we are doing

1) More intervals between singing sessions so that rooms have a full change of air. We are now allowing extra time between bookings to ensure rooms are fully ventilated.

2) All microphones are disinfected.

3) Rooms are sanitised thoroughly with a full wipe down every night. Also we now use Ultra Violet- C in every room to disinfect an hour on a daily basis.

4) Mechanical Ventilation return air is Ultra Violet C disinfected ensuring that the change of air is absolutely clean.

5) Microphone cover is distributed and you can ask for more if required.

6) All staff will be required to wear mask as required by Department of Health, Victorian Government.

7) Independent Mechanical Ventilation Units on all floors and with constant air change in compliance with Code J, Building Code of Australia

8) All Karaoke Private Rooms. Rare for patrons to intermingle between different rooms.

9) Hand sanitising equipment available on all prominent and accessible areas.

10) Only vaccinated allowed IN, and all required to QR code check in as required by Laws of Victoria.

10) Proven management for more than 15 years. You can trust us.