Team building – the fun way…


‘Team building’ days can be painful. No one wants to hold the hairy ankles of ‘Keith from accounts’ for a wheelbarrow race or figure out a mind-bending puzzle with ‘HR Tracey’ who they’ve never spoken to before. Say ‘team-building’ to most people, and they’ll just think of this…


Team Building

Although it often seems compulsory, ‘team-building’ doesn’t have to be awkward, boring or dull. It’s great to see Urban Golf, Ping-Pong and Office Olympics on the rise, though we think we’ve got the best offer. Bring your team down to KBOX for a couple of hours and you’ll discover A LOT about your colleagues; it’s amazing how much a microphone can reveal. It may take a song or two for people to warm up (and maybe one of our delightful cocktails), but my God it’s worth it – if only to see your boss get lost in a chorus of MJ.

Here are ten things you can discover about your colleagues within two hours at KBOX:

  1. 1) Who is in the wrong job, and should be signing up to the X Factor.
  2. 2) Which team member likes to hog the mic (usually the worst singer).
  3. 3) Who has terrible music taste.
  4. 4) Which ‘lad’ looks dangerously feminine with a wig on (wigs are provided).
  5. 5) The colleague that turns into Tina Turner after a few mojitos.
  6. 6) Who you’ll never be going to karaoke again with – purely for your eardrums sake.
  7. 7) Who the regular karaoke goer is (first name terms with the doorman).
  8. 8) Who the dominant force is in your team (will be choosing all the songs).
  9. 9) Which colleague has the ability to be heard only by dogs.
  10. 10) Who fancies who – just stick a duet on and see what happens

Hopefully you’re now intrigued to find out the above, so why not suggest it as an option the next time you’re due for an office bonding session. We have plenty of offers to twist your arm so it’s even easy on your budget! Book Your KBOX room now.