9 Facts About Karaoke You Didn’t Know Until Now

1. Where does the word ‘karaoke’ come from?
Who knows the origin of the word karaoke? Meaning “empty orchestra” in Japanese, there’s never been a word more inviting to start filling a karaoke room with karaoke and dance!

2. Did you know there’s a World Championship for karaoke?
A “Karaoke World Championship” started in 2013 where thousands of karaoke lovers turn up hoping to secure record label deals afterwards. The four-day event was held in Helsinki in 2017 with winners hailing from USA, Angola and Japan. We think Australia may have to be the next champions…!

3. Where did karaoke even come from?
Word has it that karaoke started at a bar in Kobe, Japan. When a band failed to turn up for their gig, the owner started inviting customers to come onto stage to sing instead! There’s another legend that Japanese musician, Daisuke Inouse invented the first karaoke machine in 1971 after realising its potential on the wider market. Give both of those heroes a medal!

4. Does karaoke REALLY burn kalories?
If you ever needed proof that karaoke is a great replacement for the gym – there are karaoke machines in Japan that not only record a singer’s performance but also the amount of calories burned too. That’s all good until you clock eyes with the K Box deep fried bar snacks

5. What’s the longest anyone has ever sung karaoke?
An Italian karaoke lover who goes by the name of Leonardo Polverelli is the current Guinness World Record holder for being part of the longest karaoke marathon. Taking 101 hours, 59 minutes and 15 seconds – that’s a total of 1,295 songs over a span of four days! Yikes!

6. Wondering who hosted the biggest ever karaoke party?
As for the award for the largest ever karaoke party, how does 160,000 people sound? The record was held in Tennesse on 22nd August 2009 and the song “Friends in Low Places” by Garth Brooks was belted out by the masses!

7. Guess what the most requested karaoke song in the world is?
Did Billie Jean by Michael Jackson spring to mind? If our karaoke records are anything to go by, we bet Mr Brightside is pretty high up that list these days… Check our list here

8. How private is a private karaoke room?
As we celebrate self-care, hitokara bars are now cropping up in various parts of Asia allowing karaoke lovers to sing in a private booth for one. Don’t let the “lonely karaoke” meaning of the name fool you though – it celebrates solitude, introverted needs and the joys of being alone!