Amazing Melbourne Health Workers


RMH staff from a range of different areas have come together through the power of music to lift our spirits during the uncertainty surrounding COVID-19. Great work Team RMH! The song “I’ll Stand By You”, released on Sept 10 2020, was great and uplifting and certainly put more smile on our faces. The song is a message of hope and encouragement for everyone doing it tough right now.The songs  released are “I will stand by you” original by the Pretenders and “Count on Me” original by Bruno Mars. They really resonates with Melbourne today, especially in times of crisis. With lyrics likeHey there, what you got to hide?
I get angry too, well, I’m alive like you.
When you’re standing at the cross roads,
And don’t know which path to choose,
Let me come along, ’cause even if you’re wrongI’ll stand by you,

this rendition will bring a tear to your eye and make you smile at the same time. Don’t worry, there is always a rainbow on the other side. Live for it.

And here is the other song “Count on Me” released earlier on April 2020

Some comments made were really inspiring including

“Melbourne is so fortunate to have such an inspiring bunch looking out for us all. Heartwarming! Keep singing.” by Jim and Helen

“Just when you think that everyone at the RMH can’t inspire you more than they have already during this crazy time, they pull this!” by William

Shout out to the producer to this video, Dr Emma O’Brien OAM who apparently is from the department in RMH Music Therapy . It’s certainly another confirmation that the healing power of music cannot be underestimated.

Keep Singing Melbourne!!!!! There will be a better tomorrow. Don’t be afraid to cry it all out. Know that you are never alone. Live for the rainbow that will come soon.