How to improve your singing at karaoke with a deceivingly simple trick

For those who are microphone-shy or desire that perfect performance, there’s a shockingly easy way to hit higher notes (and higher scores).

Whether you’re a frequent sight at your local karaoke place or simply want to belt it out in one of our karaoke boxes, nothing is more enigmatic than obtaining that perfect 100-point score. To crush your singing competition (and to rule them all), we just found out about a surprisingly effortless but effective trick that can boost your singing skills and your karaoke score at the same time.

NHK from Japan recently ran a segment revealing that when singing, by moving the hand not holding the mic, not only can you widen your vocal range but you can also increase the overall volume of your voice as well. Twitter user @kinoko1629 captured the televised moment of truth here:

The segment also showed that your lungs aren’t being used at full capacity when singing, and moving your hand helps in maximizing the leftover air space! By just performing a simple action such as raising your free hand, your vocal range should have a five-decibel increase.

Users on social media responded in amusement to the segment:

“After so many years, I can finally score past 70 points!”
“If I sang with two mics, would my score increase by 200 percent?”
“Maybe it’s better to use mics with both hands…?”
“I’m going to try this out for sure at my next karaoke sesh!”

Next time, when you are in kbox, remember to raise up your hands and sing it together.

But remember, karaoke isn’t about how well you sing or which notes you can hit, but the spirit you bring into the session and the stress you release at the end of it!

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